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Leading life & business coach,Rasheed Ogunlaru shares some tips to help you coach yourself to greater happiness and progress.
For over nine years I’ve worked as a coach with a single mission; to help people of all backgrounds find lasting
fulfilment and meaningful success in their lives. Here are some tips to help you to do just that.

Step 1: What’s really important? Take a piece of paper and write down a short list of the values and things that are
most important to you in life. This is a bit like writing a shopping list. Ensure you focus on what’s important to you
rather than what parents, peers or the press tell you that you should aspire to.
Include things that are important to you in your career and in business.

Step 2: Give yourself credit: Before you do anything, give yourself credit for everything that you are and everything
that you have already achieved, survived and learned in life. Again when we go shopping it’s wise to see what we
already have at home in our cupboards. So I invite you to list all your skills, talents, accomplishments and challenges
that you have overcome. Being mindful of all of this will help you in the journey ahead. It’s vital that we stop to take
stock to notice what we’ve achieved in our careers, life and business so far because it may hold many insights into
what may and may not work for you moving forward.

Step 3: Set meaningful goals: Take a look again at what’s important to you and set one or two manageable but
motivating goals for your life, career and relationships. Try setting a three year goal which will give you time and
space to work toward it. Be as specific as you can: what, where, when, how, with whom, how much/many? Be sure
you set goals that feel right for you – we all dream on different scales. The more you genuinely – in your heart – feel your goals the more energy and motivation will emerge to go pursue them. A word of warning though; life is not just about goals – it is about the magic and joy of the journey. You must learn to be as passionate about the journey as you are about the arrival… not least as you – and life – may change course along the way.

Step 4: Task, team, tools & time: Now that you have your goal (the task), I want you to identify the team, tools
and timeframe that is appropriate.
Depending on your goals you may have some of the team in place or you may need to seek people with the relevant
skills. Likewise it may be that you need new tools (including training). Be specific about this, there may be some
very specific expertise, training, support or input you need in your life, career and business… give yourself space to
identify it.

Step 5: Seek support: We’re all ultimately inter-related, interdependent. Developing your support network is very important to success and fulfilment. Build positive,healthy and co-supportive friendships relationships and let go of negative ones. There will also be times where you will need personal and professional support which will vary depending on your goals. And this network too may change over time. In business and in our careers seeking out support for specific tasks and for our overall growth is essential.

Step 6: Take time: Put time aside to review your goals. It may be that they may change partly or wholly over the
next year/years. So too it may be with the team, tools and support that you need. The world constantly changes
and so do we. But also ensure that you put in time to rest and become re-energised. It’s important that you
nourish mind, body and spirit, so ensure you take time out so you can listen to your heart, head and body.

Step 7: Be grateful & celebrate: Life becomes rich when we adopt an attitude of gratitude. I often say, it is impossible for us to appreciate and grow until we appreciate what we already have. Likewise give yourself credit for every little milestone reached along the way. As they say life, is far more about enjoying a wonderful journey than it is about focusing purely on an end destination.

Rasheed Ogunlaru is a leading life coach, motivational speaker and business coach. He is also author of
The Gift of Inner Success. He helps individuals and organisations achieve greater success and fulfilment – from
within- and coaches in person and by phone.

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